Saturday, February 11, 2012

Searches for “Knicks Online Streaming” Skyrocket - Will Jeremy Lin End the TWC / MSG Blackout?

Is Jeremy Lin the best thing that ever happened to Jim Dolan’s MSG Network?
The LINCHPIN of the Knicks

In recent weeks, interest in the Knicks began to wane as the team's record slipped. The promise of the Big Three, a team that Coach Mike D’Antoni billed as champion contenders, was fading fast.

This was very bad news for Jim Dolan’s MSG Network which is locked in a stalemate over fees with cable provider Time Warner.

As interest in the Knicks plummeted so did Dolan’s leverage over Time Warner Cable to pay up.

Then along came Jeremy Lin.  In just four games, Lin has captured the hearts of Knicks fans, the Asian-American community and NBA players. He may have even given Dolan his leverage back. One thing is for certain, interest in watching the Knicks is surging. And as a result, suddenly the blackout is relevant again.

Knicks fans who are Time Warner Cable subscribers (like me) are unable to watch Lin's incredible play.  This has led to a sharp increase in searches for alternative ways of watching the Knicks game live. The number of searches is also a useful metric for measuring interest in the Knicks.

Searches including keywords “Knicks Live Streaming” and “Knicks Streaming Online” have skyrocketed almost as fast as Jeremy Lin’s career.

The total searches driven by Linsanity has yet to eclipse the searches that occurred at the beginning of the Knicks season. Interest peaked then due to the pent up demand caused by the NBA lockout, the hype around the addition of Tyson Chandler and the looming blackout. But, the Lin dynasty is only just beginning. 

Dolan is surely thankful for the miraculous appearance of Jeremy Lin. But he may be in for a rude awakening. If consumers are able to find viable alternatives to his MSG Network, he may find that Jeremy Lin has hastened the demise, instead of saved, his business model.

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  1. Get outside the box MSG. You deserve to lose big because of your obstinence to Knick fans all over the country. You have shown contempt for the fans based on perceived greed. Your mismanagement is palpable!